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Association of Indian Primatologists is a community of Indian students, researchers, conservationists, and enthusiasts keen on promoting Indian primates, primatology, and conservation initiatives to a larger audience, and enabling greater cooperation between individuals and agencies working towards a common goal of primate welfare in India.

Meet The Team

The Core Committee of AIP consists of early career researchers from across India who volunteer to manage AIP and its activities with an intention to foster collaboration and provide a forum for the sharing of information between students of primatology, scientists, conservationists, and other stakeholders of primate welfare in India. 


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The AIP Advisory Committee was constituted to advise and assist the Executive Committee by providing feedback and logistical support if and when required. It comprises professors and scientists with a track record of encouraging young researchers to initiate various primate studies in India. Over the years, members of the Advisory Committee can also help to coordinate among the different institutions and government agencies in the country involved in the conservation and management of primates.

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