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Association of
Indian Primatologists

Ram MS

About Us

Association of Indian Primatologists is a community of Indian students, researchers, conservationists, and enthusiasts keen on promoting Indian primates, primatology, and conservation initiatives to a larger audience, and enabling greater cooperation between individuals and agencies working towards a common goal of primate welfare in India.

We seek to encourage early career researchers to come forward and interact with their peers and prominent senior researchers in the field.

We also intend to promote better communication among primatologists across India by providing platforms for the efficient exchange of ideas and resources. Through our initiatives, we also seek to bridge the gap between research and policy for the effective conservation of Indian primates.

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"A trio of Bonnet macaque mothers nursing their babies while on the lookout for provisioned food along a highway."

Amaljith A.T.


1st AIP Meet 2019

The first meeting of AIP was held at IISc, Bengaluru on 1st and 2nd November 2019. It brought together young and early career primatologists from all parts of India. 

Let's Talk Primates 

These talks were aimed at researchers and students in the field of primatology, 


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Recent Publications.

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  • Hundred Years in Zoos: History and Development of the Captive Population of the Lion-tailed Macaque Macaca silenus Long term Persistence for Conservation?

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